Front Office

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Glen Taylor – Owner
Rob Moor – Chief Executive Officer
Chris Wright – President

Roger Griffith – Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Pete Stene – Vice President of Finance

Ted Johnson – Chief Marketing Officer
Brad Ruiter – Vice President of Communications
Brett Kahnke – Vice President, Analytics & Technology
Kristy Badger – Vice President of Marketing

Ryan Tanke – Chief Revenue Officer
Corey Breton – Vice President of Sales and Service
Jeff Munneke – Vice President, Fan Experience & Basketball Academy
Steve Mullins – Vice President of Corporate Partnerships


Glen Taylor
Rob Moor
Chris Wright

Roger Griffith
Pete Stene

Ted Johnson
Brad Ruiter
Brett Kahnke
Kristy Badger

Ryan Tanke
Corey Breton
Jeff Munneke
Steve Mullins

* All bios are updated through the 2013-14 NBA season


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