Basketball Ops

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Flip Saunders – President of Basketball Operations
Milt Newton – General Manager
Rob Babcock – Vice President of Basketball Operations
R.J. Adelman – Director of Player Personnel
Calvin Booth – Director of Player Programs/Scout
Gregg Farnam – Director of Medical Operations/Head Athletic Trainer
Mark Kyger – Director of Athletic Therapy
Koichi Sato – Director of Sports Performance
Dave Crewe – Asst. Athletic Trainer/Asst. of Sports Performance
Clayton Wilson – Equipment Manager
Kaayla Chones – Manager of Team Operations


Flip Saunders
Milt Newton
Rob Babcock
R.J. Adelman
Calvin Booth
Gregg Farnam
Mark Kyger
Koichi Sato
Dave Crewe
Clayton Wilson
Kaayla Chones

* All bios are updated through the 2013-14 NBA season


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